Tracey and Jackie in Guelph

Meet Jackie’s Mentor, Tracey

Jackie Ferris youth mentor

Hi, my name is Jackie Ferris

Location:  Guelph
Age:  38 
Occupation: Social-Emotional Mentor & Owner 
Place of work: Comrade Morpho
My mentor:  Tracey Fresnada
Favourite Pass-time:  Eating popcorn on my couch with my husband 

Meet my mentor, Tracey

When I was 22 years old, I moved to Vancouver without a job. Luckily for me, two weeks after I arrived, Tracey hired me as a Sales Promotion Coordinator in her department at CHUM Radio. Tracey was an amazing boss and a strong female role model for me.

What I appreciated most about Tracey was our weekly 1-on-1s. Despite her being responsible for multiple radio stations, and having a big promo team, each week, she block off 1-hour for each of us. Tracey never once cancelled my 1-on-1, which showed me that I was a priority for her.

During them, she would give me her undivided attention, and she offered  support, guidance and/or praise, as we discussed the various projects I was working on. Having this time with her was so valuable. It’s a management technique that I adopted when I became a Promotions Director with my own team of coordinators. 

Jackie's Mentor, Tracey
Jackie and Tracey on the University of Guelph campus, 2018

Tracey is also my inspiration for volunteering as a Big Sister. I remember her telling me about her Little Sister, and how despite now being out of the program, they still kept in touch. Years later, Tracey was invited to her Little Sister‘s wedding years later, and I thought that was so special. I told myself that once I felt ready, I would become a mentor too. 

I worked for Tracey for 2-years, and when I left to pursue another opportunity, our relationship switched from co-workers to great friends. We often got together for dinner or walks around the sea wall. Anytime Tracey was away travelling, I’d move in to her place to take care of the sweetest of cats.

We may be in different time zones now, but our friendship is still strong, and we visit any chance we get. I am so lucky to call Tracey my friend.