Social Emotional Mentoring

Guelph & Surrounding Areas

Ages 10+

If applicable, inquire with your Special Services at Home or Passport Program caseworker for funding pre-approval.

Program Details

I offer a transformative 1-year program, designed to empower mentees on their journey to improved mental health and wellness. With a focus on building trust and rapport, each month includes 4 engaging 1-on-1 'hangout' sessions. This frequency and consistency allows for genuine connections, personalized support, and meaningful growth.

Through casual activities and intentional guidance, I help individuals explore their emotions, challenge negative thoughts, and develop essential life skills. With an emphasis on nurturing positive relationships, fostering self-confidence, and setting achievable goals, this comprehensive program paves the way for personal growth and leaves mentees feeling empowered.

The program is inspired by Big Brothers Big Sistersinformed by the research being conducted by Search Institute on Developmental Relationships, and fuelled by my desire to help bridge the gap between medical professional care and the day-to-day lives of the young people in our community. 

What's Included:

Each month includes 8 hours of one-on-one time, split between up to 4 'hangout' sessions
Access to me through text/chat between hangouts
I do the driving! Some of the best conversations happen in the car, so I'm happy do all of the pick-ups and drop-offs
All activity fees and expenses (eg: admissions/supplies/meals etc)
Proactive and clear communication when scheduling and planning get-togethers (with mentee and/or guardian if applicable)
A 30 minute discussion after 3 months, to check-in with the guardian and/or mentee, to discuss progress, share wins, and provide constructive feedback to improve the remainder of the match
A 1 hour meeting after 9 months with the guardian and/or mentee to share updates and discuss plans regarding the upcoming end of contract.

Additional Benefits:

  • I keep an open and flexible schedule to easily accommodate your schedule when making plans. This also allows me to be available when it feels urgent, plus it allows us to attend all kinds of events that are date and time specific.
  • The flexible hours also allow us to schedule around planned/unplanned time away or illnesses.
  • If the mentee will be away for longer than a 2-week period at any time during the contract, adjustments can be made for that month’s hours/hangouts and rates.
  • There are no last-minute cancellation penalties. I will always be understanding and happy to reschedule to another time, within the current month. But – I strongly encourage keeping plans when possible, it strengthens accountability and develops a sense of responsibility.
  • Any money remaining from the $100 activity budget at the end of the month will be carried over to the next month.

One Year Mentorship Program

Your Investment

$930 / month (+hst)

– If you are interested in this type of support, but believe a different program structure would better suit your needs, please do reach out. I am open to discussing custom programs based on a needs assessment. 
– Prices and packages are subject to change, but not during contract period. 

Have Some Questions? I'd be glad to answer them.

Important to note:

  • Space is limited. I work with a small number of mentees at time, allowing for flexibility and high-quality attention.
  • A maximum of 2 hours of 1-on-1 time a month may be carried over to the following month. Any additional unused hours will be lost at month’s end.
  • Mentees who live further than 20 kms from downtown Guelph may be subject to a monthly fee increase.
  • The monthly activity budget does not include personal spending money for things such as gift store items, merchandise or personal errand items.
  • A $300 deposit for the last month is required at the time of signing.
  • If at the 3-month check-in we determine that the match is not working, you have the opportunity to cancel the contract and receive a full deposit refund. 
  • A bi-weekly payment option is available.