Parent and Mentee Testimonials

“Jackie has been a blessing in my daughter’s life. She has helped her with anxious life moments such as oral presentations for university and most recently securing a summer job. My daughter has changed for the better, becoming more comfortable going out of the house and trying to meet new people in class. She is more confident in herself which is nice to see. Thanks, Jackie”

Mother of a 23-year old female mentee in Elora

“A few months in, I was able to go out by myself in public and not feel extremely panicky. Jackie has helped me a lot with my social anxiety. She has helped me with everything basically. I call her my ‘cool aunt.’ She’s awesome, very understanding. You can talk to her about anything, and she won’t judge you.” 

17-year-old non-binary mentee in Guelph

“Meeting Jackie was like meeting a dear friend from high school – she just had that feeling of warmth and familiarity right from the start. My daughter also warmed up to her immediately, and together we’ve been able to work on some goals our family has had, adding a fresh perspective for all of us.”

Coral Bentley
Mother of a 18-year-old mentee in Guelph

“Our child was Jackie’s focus at exactly the speed they were able to manage. She is the cool aunt, big sister, and emotional support worker that makes our child feel normal and happy. They look forward to seeing her each time and they are becoming more comfortable in their own person. Jackie also makes it easy on the parents by providing pick up and drop off.”

Mother of a 17-year-old non-binary mentee in Guelph

“It’s been so incredibly helpful and fun to hang out with Jackie over this last year. Every week we do something different and it’s all around just such a good time. She really knows how to talk me through problems that I’m having or just overall struggles. I feel like she has a lot of experience and can help me with a lot of stuff that I’m going through and I really think she’s just such a helpful person when it comes to relationships and mental health.’

 14-year-old female mentee in Guelph

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